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Let your imagination FLOW with this palette of colours

IT'S IDEAS TIME! We have been busy pulling together ideas on the theme of the Dulux “FLOW” palette. In fact it is time to let your imagination flow…….

Some of the images we have used to inspire you, is a delightful project in St David’s the team and I recently worked on and is a great example of using a palette very similar to “FLOW”

Firstly let’s look at the mood board. As you can see this is predominantly cool colours which can create a calm relaxing space. Notice the textures we have combined.

  1. The wool rug would be fabulous on a wood or tiled floor.

  2. This beautiful tightly woven fabric could be used to upholster a favourite armchair. It really is stunning.

  3. The textured wallpaper would do well on just one wall or a similar design and texture in material would make great curtains or blinds.

Check out the blinds: the first one adds warmth with warm lime green and teal baubles the other is stripy and adds a lovely touch to a bedroom in a coastal cottage.

Did you spot the lime cushion below? Goes so well with the blue/grey tones and adds warmth.

This lovely cottage literally flows in a theme of cool coastal colours, from the entrance hall in soft grey green furniture with a soft creamy paintwork, however Dulux colour of the year Wild Wonder™ would also work well here.

Our favourite room is this glorious sitting room, creamy walls with furniture and soft furnishings in greys and blues as per the Flow palette. But notice how the lime green cushions lift and offer a freshness and warmth to the room.

It is worth having other plain colour cushions and ring the changes throughout the seasons with a bright yellow, orange, red, or rich colours such as purple or emerald green.

Less costly than a total revamp!

Finally, did you notice the stunning driftwood bowl? It is worth considering the accessories and artwork as these too can add focus to a room. Whether it’s a pair of lamps on a hall table or a basket of flowers or a desirable piece of artwork on a wall. It all creates an ambience that is unique to you and your home.

Next we shall be chatting about the Lush Palette discussing accent colours, fabrics and accessories and it is Lush!

Are you liking what you read? Is it offering inspiration? We would love to hear your comments......

Until the next time……


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