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Freshen Up Curtains with these tips and hacks

Despite the weather Spring is on its way! 🌷🌷🌷

We are seeing drifts of snowdrops, daffodils and crocus everywhere, not to mention primroses and tulips, their leaves poking through the ground in much hopefulness of sunshine.

Now is the time for a home spring clean, but if you are like me there are some tasks that are just too tricky – until now!

Over the coming couple of weeks, we are going to share some Spring Cleaning Hacks.

These will save money and leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

Today it is Curtains

Of course you can have your curtains dry cleaned but that is an expense and you would be without your curtains certainly for a few days if not a week or longer. Not the ideal scenario.

Firstly a few tips on how to look after your curtains.

1. Ensure you curtains are drawn regularly. Curtains that are not drawn out on a regular basis can attract mould if the air does not get in between the folds, especially if you live in traditional stone houses

2. Vacuum regularly to remove dust.

3. Talking of DUST, curtain poles are dust traps especially along the top edge. Dust laying here can prevent the curtain running smoothly when they are drawn. This can lead to tugging and grubby edges. The solution is simple… spray silicone polish on a soft, clean duster run along the top edge of the pole will solve this immediately.

4. Cautionary Note: If you are considering laundering your curtains in the washing machine, please treat with the utmost caution. You need to check washing instructions. Remember many curtain fabrics could shrink when washed this way and what often occurs is the curtain fabric shrinks but the linings don’t so the curtains will never hang well again.

5. Remember few curtains get grubby, it is mainly dust or on occasion sticky fingers when drawing your curtains by hand. However, if you have pets be sure to have them well cleaned and dried before going near your curtains!

6. In the main curtains need to be vacuumed regularly and freshened 2 or 3 times a year. If newly hung, wrinkles are occasionally found due to the packing. This is where a steam iron or a hand-held garment steamer are very useful. However, some steam irons can be heavy so do bear this in mind.

How to steam and freshen your curtains in situ:

1. First do a test square in the bottom corner to ensure you are not too close or too far away. You do not want to soak the curtains either so give yourself a test run

2. Draw the curtains together or do one side first and draw across along the curtain track or pole as far as you can without affecting the drop. It is best to start at the top and work down a ‘panel’ at a time. Or work across the top first and continue down and across in bands until completed.

Safety first: If using a step ladder ensure it is properly balanced and do not lean too far over. It is safer to work with someone supporting the ladder and you!

3. If particularly wrinkled go over several times but be careful not to soak.

4. Leave drawn until completely dry. If wrinkles still appear you can repeat again.

Finally if you are seeking a hand held garment steamer check out Good Housekeeping’s website on product reviews.

Until the next time

Marian x


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