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Welcome to our very first blog on Styles & Stuff

It is wonderful to be residing in the iconic building of Towy Works and as such able to offer the Dulux Heritage Range of paint.

On 3rd November 2022 a representative from Dulux will be bringing along the famous Dulux Dog Olivia whilst offering advice on the Heritage Range. But we would like to do one better and introduce you to the Dulux colour of the year for 2023. We hope it will inspire and help you to create a mood or style for a particular room in your home or indeed your entire home. As Dulux has done, we have broken it down into 4 main groups of colours which will give you a different style or ambiance. 1. The first is LUSH and will create a supportive space using Wild Wonder™ and soft tones taken from woodlands, forest floors and gardens. These are greens and browns giving a calm uplifting feel. 2. BUZZ includes bright, warm and joyful tones such as you would get from flower meadows and creates a harmonious space. 3. RAW uses the warm earthy tones which can give a comforting cocooning feel ideal for restful areas such as bedrooms 4. FLOW will remind you, we are sure, of the coast and seashore that is never far from us here in West Wales. We are going to discuss LUSH this week and here are the colours:

As you can see, they all complement one another. These tones set the scene and it could be you have an accent wall painted in Sea Holly and softer colour using the colour of the year or the softer Silver Lichen. Do not feel you have to stick to these colours there are many more that will work well with this palette. The palette will help you chose the best colours and patterns your soft furnishings. We will be creating mood boards to give you more inspiration. Watch this space the first mood boards will be ready next week so why not drop into the Studio and be inspired! Finally courtesy of Dulux here are some examples of rooms complete with soft furnishings and plants. Notice the stripes and outlines on some walls. We shall be giving tips on how this can be done in later blogs.

Please do add your comments and observations in the comment box we love to hear from you.

Next week we shall be featuring the next palette from Dulux called BUZZ



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