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Avoid Colour Confusion with this simple guide

Individually we have discussed the four new colour palettes from our friends at Dulux.

Now’s the time to put add a few accents and patterns together. You will see from the four colour palettes and the mood boards we have created, the combinations could be endless. It is also good to see the colours can be mixed and matched.

Here are a few tips before you decide to incorporate every colour!

1. Colours tend to fall into a cool or warm category - i.e., colours with a blue undertone tend to be cool and those with a yellow undertone tend to be warm.

2. What room are you renovating?

Bedrooms - want to be relaxing and calming encouraging sleep. Cooler colours often work best for bedrooms. Soft blues and greens work well as does a pale pink and soft yellow. However, the dark bold colours of Dulux Colours Midwinter Tide, and Precious Peat will also give depth and a contrast.

Sitting Rooms and Lounges. This greatly depends on how much natural light you have. Morning rooms facing East for the morning sun, would look wonderful with walls in the Dulux colour of the year Wild Wonder™. Depending on the light this colour can look distinctly yellow or has a greenish tone but is a warm colour. As you will note it can be mixed with different colours including the cooler colours very effectively. Therefore, choose the effect you would like Cool or Warm and select one or two colours to compliment your main colour. Point to consider: A sitting room by its very nature is a place where you sit and choosing cool colours could make you feel the cold.

Kitchens are often dictated by the colour of the units and the tiles chosen. Remember kitchens are an investment and it is less expensive to redecorate than it is for a new installation, so think carefully before you go for a ‘trending’ colour that will soon date. Also cogitate the tiles you choose. A more contemporary tile design and colour will easily allow for a change of wall colour. Kitchens are often the hub of the home and with the heat of stove and cookers can be a very warm place. Cool colours are often more suitable.

3. Consider the look and feel of the room or rooms you are decorating. What are you wanting to achieve?

Warm & Cosy – check out the Raw palette using one of the brighter colours from the Buzz palette. Take a look at the mood board with the fantastic floral wallpaper picking up the colours from the Buzz and Lush palettes – See! you can successfully mix and match 😊.

Cool & coastal – then the Flow palette is for you, and you could add soft furnishings in Lime Green, Bright Pink, a Royal Purple or Bright orange. But see above if you want to add a floral touch

Rich & Opulent – the Lush palette would be fabulous with an armchair in a plush rich green, like Sea Holly. Consider rich velvet curtains (Nomad Velvet Spice) such as in the mood board for Lush. If you love big leafy house plants, then the second mood board would work and use the plants to accentuate a more tropical feel. Lush is the word!

Cool, Cosy & Sophisticated. See the Mood Board. We think this is ideal for a bedroom. The colours are more cool than warm but with the addition of the Rich Juniper colour for at least one wall and similar colour used for soft furnishings it can make a cosy feel to an otherwise cool bedroom.

These are just some ideas - for more information do message or email Marian and she will gladly help you create a look via a Mood Board based on your preferences.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your comments. Let us know what you think and what more you would like to know.

Next time it will be all about festive decorations and gifts…..


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